CT House Histories seeks your help in finding an Ammi Phillips portrait to assist in confirming the subject’s identity. Please read the following article.


More often than not, the history of any given place is really just the sum of the individual stories of the people who lived there.

CT House Histories unearths those stories to reveal a complete picture of a home’s past. The company uses a team of historic research consultants who have decades-worth of experience in researching genealogy, historic homes and properties. The consultants also offer a variety of other services.  They will track down descendants and missing heirs, pull records for out-of-state clients, offer lectures, and work on historic preservation projects.

During the hundreds of research projects they have worked on, the team members have developed numerous contacts and have learned exactly what documents to search for and where to find them. The consultants have extensive experience helping clients in Connecticut and New York trace the pasts of their families and homes, but frequently work with people from around the country, including in South Carolina and Georgia.  A portfolio of their clients is featured above – just click on the thumbnails.


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