Melissa Beal Beyerlein, Research Consultant

139Melissa Beal Beyerlein, Research Consultant, has been doing historic and genealogical research for over 40 years in the United States and Canada.  Melissa is the owner of OH House Histories, LLC. In Ohio, Melissa conducts historic and genealogical research to determine the origins and descent of families, including the identification of individuals, their family relationships, the biographical details of their lives, and the properties on which they lived. Having worked as a paralegal for over 20 years, Melissa is proficient in researching public records and legal documents. Melissa works with numerous historical and genealogical societies and associations. Melissa also enjoys researching the colonial and military life of American Revolutionary War patriots as a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution. Melanie and Melissa have worked together on numerous historic and genealogical projects for many years, most recently developing the life story of their Quaker ancestor and DAR Patriot, Preserved Fish Dakin of New York.

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