Ammi Phillips portrait’s owner and location are sought

Portrait of Ammi PhillipsUpdate: “Portrait of a Gentleman” has been located. Full story coming soon.

CT House Histories is seeking help in finding the owner of a specific portrait done by American folk artist Ammi Phillips. The genealogical research firm believes it has determined the identity of the sitter in the portrait, as well as two companion pieces that were owned by the same family for more than 150 years until 1992.

Locating “Portrait of a Gentleman” – as seen in the image on this posting – would help CT House Histories in confirming its research findings. Of particular interest is the letter the sitter is holding in the portrait. If our researchers can determine what is written on the envelope, they would be able to pinpoint the sitter’s true identity and an approximate date the portrait was painted.

Many of the sitters in Ammi Phillips’ portraits are unidentified, but the artist left various clues on the paintings themselves, such as letters, newspapers and books.

For more information on CT House Histories’ research, read this article. Contact us at 203-856-6270 with any tips on the portrait’s whereabouts.



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